Keep your Critters Comfy!


Here at Pets That Rule, we understand that there many different and extremely unique pets that need care, comfort and nutrition.  This is one of the main reasons that we have developed our critters collection, for those that care for and love a non-traditional pet.

Critters need homes and accessories, just like cats and dogs do.  We have selected the items that we feel will enhance your pets lives, and keep them safe and secure.    Hamsters and ferrets need sturdy cages and play areas help keep them occupied and safe.  Browse through our collection of homes featuring a great selection of size, shapes and colors.  Many like our Deluxe Hamster and Gerbil Cage features ladders and platforms to keep the little guys busy for hours.   This terrific play area also features an exercise wheel to keep your hamster or gerbil entertained while maintaining necessary activity levels for optimal health.

If your small furry critter of choice is a rabbit, you’ll want to check out our Heavy Duty Rabbit Hutch!   This beautiful and versatile home is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.   We also offer many different accessories that will keep your pets active and busy throughout the day. 

Good nutrition is important no matter what size the pet, that’s why Pets That Rule has also chosen to offer supplements and treats especially designed for small furry critters.  Rabbits love our Oxbow Bakes Treats available in a variety of flavors to keep your favorite furry friend happy and satisfied until the next mealtime.   All animals benefit from nutritional supplements in times of stress, anxiety or recovery from illness. We carry a variety of different supplements to choose from suitable for all small creatures including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, and Iguanas etc.   

Shop with us today to keep your favorite furry critter safe, secure and healthy!